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Digestive health has been an important part of our family’s learning path during the past several years, and I must admit I still have a lot to learn. It seems that each child brings about growth and development for their parents just as much as for themselves. Learning curves tend to be better respected after they are put to the test with something new and challenging.

My latest digestive health learning curve came in the shape of Who-Rae swallowing a plum pit. To begin with I was not completely convinced that she actually ate the pit, but when I was unable to find evidence supporting my hopeful cause I had no choice but to recant.

Day one with a plum pit in the tummy really had very little to mention. However, day two brought a turn in events. Who-Rae woke a completely changed toddler from the night before, and this mama got to experience a new kind of stress. Digestive distress was taking its toll on our normally very active toddler, and I decided it was time to start asking some questions.

As we were waiting for our turn for an x-ray, Who-Rae decided it was time to take her 50thbathroom visit. Thankfully this visit was well worth the delay it caused our x-ray technician, because minutes later we were walking back towards the parking garage with a toddler that was running to keep up with her siblings. No x-ray was then needed, and everyone got to leave happier!

I generally try to error on the side of caution when it comes to my family’s health. First of all I would feel terrible knowing my waiting caused further problems, and secondly I would hate to think that I would put my own perceived knowledge ahead of a loved one’s comfort. However, I do see myself living in an era that depends greatly on their medical professionals, often times for things that a generation before would have gone mostly unnoticed.

The evolution of medicine has brought about an attention to prevention that was lacking in decades past. These attentions are wonderful teaching tools for promoting all around health in many areas of living. Although somewhat controversial to some parts of the world, natural medicine has for generations taught prevention first and recovery when necessary.  

The digestive health learning curve has brought our family throughout many different twists and turns along the road. Along the way we have learned more about supporting the digestive system, what irritates the system, and that the digestive system is much more important to overall health that what we ever truly understood.

Our plum pit predicament was indeed stressful, but a good reminder of how delicate the body’s functions can be, and yet again how resilient they are. Of course this situation was also an embarrassing reminder for this mama to be a bit more cautious of what my youngest is putting in her sweet little mouth.

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