A Perspective of Consistent Effective and Duplicating Organization

Today’s focus for my work hours are a bit different that my usual Monday. Over the course of the past week I have been reorganizing my schedule to make sure that I am focusing on things that are most important and prioritizing on down until I get to things that though, less important, still need to be accomplished.

I enjoy working a business that gets me out of the home, meeting new people, and experiencing new things. However, with that I realized quickly that my paperwork organization left much to be desired. In some areas I have grossly over organized with a system that screams for simplification, and in other areas I have neglected the paper so much that really it looks that it could only be saved by a bonfire. 

I have been doing some training in different areas, some personal development in other areas, and of course some good old fashion trial an error in others, and I am still learning; and am certain I will continue to do so! However, I have noticed lately that there is a general theme persistently slapping my face nearly each corner I turn.

The system that I need must be able to duplicate. This same system needs my consistent attention, a better organization system, and in the end must be very effective. One of the first places I noticed a problem with my over organization was right here on the blog; at first I had little organization, nor much of a rhyme or reason, then I stepped up and started to over organize which slowed down a process that I require to be rapid. Getting to an even kilter taught me that organization is what you make of it, it needs to be simple enough to be effective and not overwhelming, it must be something you can consistently work with, and something that is very easy to duplicate in order to maintain.

Moving on to my present problem, I see my lack of organization throughout my day; I find the same theme running rampant in our home in which some things are wonderful and others are not consistently wonderful, I find my paperwork system not being effective, and the overall organization theme doesn’t jive with how I really feel and what I truly know works. My overall organization system is not duplicating itself in my life; therefore, I have missed the boat!

Not to worry though, something I am learning is that every little bit helps, and subtle changes along the way are the ones that really impact my life towards change. So do I need expensive and new fangled ways to organize my business and home? Do I need to spend hours upon hours contemplating organization, more countless hours deriving and working that plan, and then many more hours troubleshooting that plan; just to give up in the end?

NO! What I need to the make my subtle changes with consistency, effectiveness, duplication, and organization kept in mind along with my particular goal for that arena of my life. Is it working, yes, I am making great strides in many areas of my businesses, and our home.

Another added benefit of a new system that I am coming to find, is that my children want to be successful with me. They see that I am happy when I have found something that works, then they in turn want to take that puzzle to their room and see if they too can find a solution. Although their solution isn’t always the greatest example of consistency, I know that these simple little challenges are sending them down a path of earlier learning. Hopefully, they find their way sooner that I am, and it will not seem such a struggle and at times burden for them.

Now to makes things clear, my mother is and was an excellent house keeper. The things that I learned from her seem to be the ones that are coming back into the picture to shape our home. For awhile I let things get out of focus, and with that came the opposite effect that I was looking for. Chaos seemed to be the general feelings in the house. However, chaos was more than the clutter and schedule, chaos was also a perspective, one that I am working diligently to change.

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