Lunch Time Creations- Chicken Quinoa

So today I wanted to create something yummy that my road traveling hubby could pick-up and go. I was of course in a time pinch, but I have spent so much time cooking for other families the last few days that I felt he needed some of my creative lunchtime food.

Alright so here is what I did, in the case you find yourself in a pinch and want something a bit different.

You’ll Need…

1 cup dry Quinoa
1 15 oz can crushed Tomatoes (my son despises the chunks)
2 chicken breasts
fresh garlic
Italian seasoning we use a gluten free variety
Salt and Pepper to taste

Alright I am quite certain I would streamline the process a bit next time to eliminate a couple of steps, but here is what I did for the first creative take.

I rinsed my quinoa and added it to my microwave dish along with two cups of water and cooked it on high for 6 minutes, then I added my clove (I think it could use two) of fresh garlic (I pressed it), and the seasoning and tomatoes. I then cooked it for two more minutes on high as I cut up my chicken breasts into small child friendly pieces. Then I added the chicken and stirred my yummy smelling concoction. Back in the microwave with the lid on for 6 more minutes (I wanted make certain my chicken was all the way done) and then I took it out for the quinoa to rest (lid on) for several minutes.

This first trial run was a bit too watery, and needed some more pizzazz, but overall I would say absolutely worth a redo, and was a fast meal and convenient recipe.

*If you want a less soupy mixture one cup of water could easily be left out as adding the tomatoes supplemented a good deal of moisture.

*I will absolutely add some fresh veggies next time, when I am being less sporadic.

*The seasoning could be changed to create your perfect mix, and I think next time I wouldn’t mind adding in some fresh onion!

*This dish is crying out for peppers, I believe a mixture of colorful bell peppers and even some mild to warm chili’s wouldn’t hurt.

-Pictures coming Soon.

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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