Tater’s New Name

Well, I have to say that I saw it coming; I just didn’t realize it would be like this!!

Tater’s nickname never really did stick with anyone else but her dad and I. So I suppose having a new one really doesn’t surprise me much. So here is our official “Nickname Change Form.”

Tater being our youngest, still has very little hair, which is nothing new for our kids it seems they like to wait until they are two before their hair decides it needs to get with the program. Anyways, I like to put her hair up in a single little ponytail that gathers the hair straight towards the sky. For a few days we were laughing at how she resembles a Who from many of Dr. Seuss’s books.  

So, as we were visiting at dinner Husband pipes up with a giggle and says “Who-Rae” and of course Who-Rae repeats the funny name a few times, because if Dad find’s it funny it is worth the effort! Since then if you say Who-Rae she knows exactly “who” we are talking to.

Then of course to top things off we are preparing for her upcoming birthday and wouldn’t it just be adorable to have a Seuss party?

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