Hot Water Saga

What a crazy week no doubt about it! We’ve had quite the excitement in our home this week and although it seems like it just continued from last week there is a marked difference.

Last weekend we celebrated our ninth anniversary, and although we had a sweet little get-a-way planned, somehow we shifted gears last moment and decided a movie and a complete room redecoration was in order. We gutted our bedroom, something we had wanted to do for quite some time, and prepped for paint. Our aged antique white color somehow-turned-yellow was replaced, not too quickly I might add, by a deep purple accent wall and a nice neutral tan color. We added matching bedding and curtains and now have the retreat room we have dreamed of for nearly nine years. Although it was the opposite of what I had dreamed up, I can say the hard work paid off.

Monday evening we realized that something was not quite satisfactory with our air conditioning unit. I spend all day Tuesday cleaning filters, and thawing pipes and a condenser, all to have the think freeze again that very evening.

Of course Tuesday was made a greater challenge when we woke to absolutely no hot water. Although I was able to boil enough to keep the kitchen mostly equal to the game, it was still quite a challenge, but I happily continued on knowing that things could truly be much worse. However, that lovely room we had finished days before, and were so relieved to have decluttered and comfortable, was now destroyed with everything we had to remove to get to the water heater and to get the water heater out of the interior wall it lives in (in our walk-in closet). 

The week also brought two additional children as I have been watching two of my girlfriend’s flock. Although two more isn’t that much more to do in terms of my daily routine, it was just that much more when it was in terms of the week. They have been a pleasure, and Sweet Pea forged a great friendship out of the deal. Watching the two middle children get along so well was truly a pleasure.

Wednesday dawned the day of water heater repair as the leaking water, although it wasn’t an awful amount, had to be stopped. Of course an Independence Day parade was the first order of business. Once we got started it was quite evident that the water to our entire home had to be shut off. That obviously served as a greater challenge than merely having no hot water. Having my sister’s fiancé over to help move the tank was both painful and somewhat funny to watch. We were really grateful for the help as the old tanks weight was quite a bit more than we anticipated.

We took a break in the evening for a family get together, which was a good time, and much needed break. Then it was back to the grind. Eventually we got to a point that I was of little use, so I took the kiddos outside and mowed our backyard. By nine the tank was heating water, and the kids had glow sticks out side for their make shift fireworks display. Our town issued a fire ban in order to be responsible as our entire region is being greatly affected by fires right now. So they ran and jumped, threw glow sticks into the air, giggled and squealed, and had an altogether wonderful time putting on their own little light display.

A smidge after ten it was inside, quick baths that were warm, then off to bed for the kiddos. We caught up on dishes, ran a load of clothes that needed immediate attention and wore ourselves completely out. We flopped our tired bodies into bed around 2am.

Yesterday brought Hubby’s 30th birthday. I had planned a barbeque however rain for the first time in a month (thank goodness!!!) made the backyard a muddy mess, so we reorganized our plans for a pizza party and cake. A hectic day allowed me only an hour after the extra kiddos left before the start of the party. Tears, dishes, and a cake later we started the party, and had a great time!

Today brings the last day of extra children. For a brief amount of time this evening I will have an extra four rather than just two, as I am also watching my nieces for a few hours tonight. I am looking forward to getting to visit with them they are always a lot of fun.

Of course tomorrow wouldn’t be complete unless we had some sort of plans, which we do. I think Sunday after church I may close the curtains, turn off the phones, AND HIDE.

I am grateful to have gotten through the week with as few meltdowns as we really had. I have a regained appreciate for hot water, and a cool house (which we are still struggling to get fixed), and I have a greater appreciation for those down times with my family where we can actually be sporadic with fun rather than sporadic with repairs!

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*originally published on A Mom’s Handbook. com

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