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Generally it takes me a page or two to catch-on to an authors writing style. Different writing styles take a different amount of time. Lately I have been reading authors that take no time to adjust to, so when I picked up my newest reading addition I knew I was in for a challenge. I prepared myself to focus a bit harder on the text, but there was no preparation for what I discovered.

This particular author has a style that tromped any text book I had during my all too brief encounter with college text books. The language is absolutely from that of an educated fellow, and is direct. allowing you to miss it if you truly are not aware of what you are reading. So I found my reading muscles a bit weak this morning, however, never fear I continued on my rough and rocky path ever aware of cliff walls begging me to fall off.

Finally after a several pages of personal agony I caught it and was reading like a pro. Of course the next step is one that I hate to admit; nevertheless the task for tomorrow morning is to start from the beginning once again to take in the scenery I missed today.

I find books that appeal most to me are first the author’s style then secondly content. As strange as it sounds I can read repetitive and overly simple information if the author fits, but the best story line with an author that doesn’t jive, generally will not keep my attention more than a few chapters. Of course there are exceptions to every rule and having a mind to finish a book is generally enough to overcome an author that I do not see eye to eye with.

What dictates your reading style;  Genre, Length, Hot reviews?

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