Good afternoon! As the blog-a-thon is starting to dwindle down for A Mom’s Handbook, I wanted to tell you what the next few weeks have in store. I also wanted to celebrate a certain amount of success… so here we go.

First off, during the last several weeks of extreme blogging, re-vamping, and re-doing, I am guessing you are starting to tire of the heaving reading load. Never fear the next several weeks are going to bring changes to the pages of A Mom’s Handbook, and a fewer number of posts. I enjoyed writing different styles of posts, and I enjoyed watching my statistics to see what went over well, and which posts kind of belly flopped before they even hit the water.

I am not defecting, and will continue to post events, thoughts, and learned information as I go, but for the next several weeks I hope to strengthen up the foundation of my site. As always I am grateful for your comments on what the site needs to be user friendly and nice to look at, so please feel free to let me know by comment or email.

Next, A Mom’s Handbookgained a world-wide audience, which is new and exciting for me. We doubled the hit count every couple of weeks, which would be more impressive for a bigger site, however it was more than I had planned on reaching.

Although my reoccurring readers are still few in number, you held on and I appreciate you! I value those people willing to read a combination of tears, complaining, gardens, kids, cleaning, and politics all in one place, and still manage to come back for more.

Moreover, I have been slowing marinating my way through a book the last several weeks that I feel has truly changed my ideals on life. This book is simple and focused on logical choices, but for some reason the timing was perfect to leave a profound impact on mine and my family’s life, and I hope to reflect some of that in my posts in the future.  I will reveal that book in a “What’s Shy Reading” post very soon as I feel this particular book deserves a reflective review.

To wrap up today, I want to leave you with the anticipation of another give-a-way that is coming your direction very soon. There will be incentives for sharing A Mom’s Handbookwith your friends and family, and the random drawing will take place at the very end of my Blog-A-Thon. As the saying goes; “stay tuned for details!”

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