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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Water Kefir and those Beautiful Grains

Shortly before we left on our very exciting Denver trip my dear friend blessed our family with a jar of water kefir grains and an instruction sheet. Prior to being diagnosed with a pretty intense milk allergy I made many batches of delicious creamy milk kefir. I have to admit I noticed less symptoms with the milk kefir than I did with regular milk, but for the sake of my poor tummy I chose to completely eliminate milk from my diet.
I read a bit about water grains but I was somewhat intimidated by the idea of it and never “dove-right-in”, even though I really missed my morning kefir shake. Anyhow, we are back in town and as I have the dish washer whirring, and the laundry machine swishing, and am still nursing Sweet Pea and myself back to health, I have started my first two batches of water kefir grains. The process was extremely simple, and I am eagerly awaiting the results and hopeful they will restore some balance to our sick day stomachs.
Of course no adventure is complete without a whirlwind session of research, so here is what I have so far! I will give more updates on our water grain adventure as they unfold! If you have any additional info leads feel free to add them to a comment! Also I wouldn’t mind your experiences with water kefir, or even questions.


Information Websites-                                  

Where do I find Water Kefir Grains?-     (Besides friends that uses water grains)

Please keep in mind that I enjoy sharing information that I find and that I personally use, but I am not a health professional, if you choose to utilize the information I share, you do so on your own accord.

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