A Container Garden

I have been having a great time playing in the dirt this year. The time outside seems to be great therapy for even my most difficult of moods, not to mention what it does for my little ones. We have spent several years dreaming up a grand scheme of what we would like our “secret garden” to look like. As years have passed it seems that regardless of planning ideas change, needs change, or we realize things just flat out will not work the way we hoped that they would. I always second guess where I place my new green friends hoping they won’t get trampled, or have to be moved later for some reason, or that I would have wanted them somewhere else for yard balance issues.  

Time has evolved our once dirt plot, to a grassed playground with various growing things sharing the space. Weeds have been replaced with fruit bearing plants and trees, flowers, decorative plants, vegetables, and even razor sharp roses bushes. Recently I was visiting with my dear Texas friend, and was completely blown away by her mentioning going to a container garden in the future in order to let her children have play space in their yard. I completely understand giving children play area; I was more shocked at the thought of her beautiful garden not being there the next time we traveled. I have always enjoyed pretty container ideas, and am continually amazed at the creativity allowed by such gardening.

I was browsing through an article that Better Homes and Gardens published online about butterfly gardens…link…. And funny enough one of the suggestions was a butterfly container garden. I have a quite a few different projects going outside right now, but I think a butterfly garden would be so much fun, and something my children would really love. I like the idea of using containers for something like a butterfly garden because it gives me the opportunity to change my mind about where to put it.

Suddenly it hit me, although we have a variety of plant friends growing throughout our yard, I truly have one style that we have stuck to in decorating. I have not created different eye appeal, we dream about adding dimension to our secret garden, yet have not done anything to fulfill those ideas and dreams. Perhaps the container garden is appealing because it is different, maybe it is time to get a bit crazy and try new things!

Here are a few links I found on container gardens…



Do you have some new ideas to spruce up your outdoor space? Let me know… perhaps your idea will land in our “secret garden.”

*originally published on A Mom’s Handbook. com

picture source: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/

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