What’s Shy Reading? The Eat-Clean Diet

Although my goal was never to be a perfect specimen I continually appreciate Tosca Reno’s The Eat-Clean Diet. I am not much of a dieter because I feel that diet should be more of something you do on a daily basis rather than a short term goal driven band aid to a problem that is likely the result of months, or even years of food decisions.  Reno’s book seems to agree with my feelings on dieting quite closely.
After having some medical issues a friend recommended Reno’s book as a means of focusing on the positive rather than the negative. I was faced with a slew of things to consider and worry about all in a short matter of time and I really did need something to cling to in order to feel like I could make better progress in my health. Although I was never extremely over weight I was unhappy with how I looked, miserable with how I felt, and scared of my long term prospects. Since that time I have made progress in all areas, although the progress towards a healthier me is slow, I still feel better!
Reno introduced some foods and eating concepts that I really had never spend much time thinking about.  Her book has beautiful photographs and many encouraging words and tidbits of wisdom she learned by herself; making the change from an overweight unhappy lady to a thin confidant woman.

The Eat – Clean Diet visits metabolism, hydration, breakfast, children, ordering out, super foods, menus, recipes, and several other ideas, tips, and encouraging thoughts.
On water Reno says, “Water is a miracle liquid. It’s true. Take a look at yourself. You are a mixture of water, protein and a myriad of molecules blended together to create the physical you. You are nothing short of a miracle. Two-thirds of you is water.”

Being somewhat fond of statistic Reno’s book has enough to keep my attention. Her compilation is a good combination of things that you have been taught your entire life, very practical tips, and encouragement to get you going and keep you thinking. She touches base on trying to prevent eating disorders in your children, and helps to create a realistic look at what a body should look like while still being very healthy.

I was not paid to do a review of this book. I found that it created a new foundation for me to seek better eating habits, and a new diet plan that I implement into my family’s life to encourage health, provide a better balanced meal plan, and to set my sights as high as I wanted to look and feel better.

Revisiting this book reminds me that I still have a ways to go, and still have some obvious areas that I need to work on. I was quickly reminded that although I made a good deal of progress I still need to implement more physical exercise to encourage “…turning my body from ordinary into extraordinary.”

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