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This is brief I know, sorry. I just wanted to let you all know that they Organizationalpage has been, you guessed it, re-organized! Also my Frugal Fun page has been made…more fun! Please feel free to add comments on things you may want to see added to those and any other pages… now is the time I am redoing them all! I will also be bringing Natural Fun the page, back into operation shortly.

I will have an update on the water kefir very shortly, I just finished a healing cycle on the poor grains apparently I was kind of hard on them. However, they seem to be very happy and healthy now, so I will have more on that soon with pictures!

We recently (yesterday) received our new box of homeschooling goodies! Of course that took up much of our time as we opened (tore apart) the box and packing material to get at the goods inside. We had a wonderful time, and Pumpkin is looking forward to starting the new academic year… now! Sweet Pea seems to have already found the first story she wants read.  Tater Tot enjoyed the books, but the packing paper was so much more her “style!”

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