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I have previously mentioned that our area is having a rather uncommon early spring. Our vegetation friends seem to be enjoying the weather just as much as we are. We have been dreaming up our summer garden plans and we are now in full swing following through and making those plans happen. Our compost bin has been brought back to life and is being put to earthy use. We have flowers springing, and finally today I noticed that the leaf buds on our new apple trees are stretching forth their beautiful green adornments. We have dandelions decorating our rather sparse grass, which is in needs of its first cutting, and the flower beds in our front lawn are filling out with my hopefuls for this summer season. I am not overly convinced that our other new fruit plants survived this winter; I hope to see signs of life very soon.
We are fixing to take a trip out of town to visit family and I have the pleasure of working while we are gone, and I do honestly mean pleasure… I love my job! During our mini vacation we are hoping to spend a bit of time at the zoo with our kiddos and I know my darling husband likes the idea of having a small break from work.  We are working towards that trip by securing our home for our absence. Small animals that share our space are being set-up for the time alone, and we are caring for plants both indoors and out. It always seems like vacations end up creating much more work than the same amount of time at regular living.
I am still working on my current book, for some reason the last few days I have been tired enough I drift into a coma a few short lines into my current page. I am quite excited to finish my current read, and despite an amazing variance in reviews that I read about the book, I am enjoying it a great deal. The plot does keep you moving, not nearly as fast as others I have truly enjoyed, but the author’s poetic talent with words is what hooked me from the very first page. If you are interested in reading this review I hope to abstain from coma land long enough to finish and have my review posted this week, so you can come back and check for “What’s Shy Reading?” Great Expectations!

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