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Recently electricity has been on my mind. The city I live in has very recently decided that our city bill needs to be raised again in a short amount of time. The first ascend was to cover the expenses incurred for water, and the newest assessment will increase our cost of electricity and waste management. 
School brought about many interesting topics of learning, as it does for most young people. I recall one of the lessons highly thrust upon our moldable young minds was conservation, reuse, reduce, and recycle. Although I feel that we as people need to be respectful of our environment and resources I do not believe that force feeding is a great way to get that lesson across. However, I had many very memorable discussions with my mother when I was at this age and I recall her reminding me of household duties prior to electricity.
The subject of electricity was also required to be turned into some sort of masterful written piece of exertion for a history assignment, and as I researched I was invoked into thinking how much we relied on that amazing powerful force in our personal homes and lives. During this time period, which I assure you was not all that long ago, electricity was a major part of a productive household. Electricity blessed us with lights, hot meals, safely preserved meals, easier laundering abilities, temperature control, and so much more.
Now-a-days electricity is such a major part of our lives that a person rarely takes the time to think of it, but when you do it hits you like a lightning bolt! What is not run off of this amazing force we think so seldom? Cell phones are constantly recharging, auto makers are producing cars that are driven by electricity, digital photo frames, computers, and audio visual equipment that is always plugged in and ready to entertain us are all more recent things that we have added to our homes that often times run power throughout the day without a break.
You may be bracing yourself for the; reduce, reuse, and recycle speech, but you are not going to hear it from me. I will say that my recent reflection of “now versus then” has got me thinking that I can most certainly balance the inflation costs coming our direction by making an effort to reduce the amount of idle time we are paying to power things in our home. Although I am not thrilled about the supply and demand laws that are carving out a chunk of our budget, I also am now faced with a new challenge in meeting that threat head-on and defeating it strictly because I want to.
So, how do you reduce rising costs in your home? Please feel free to post your tips, hints, ideas, and comments!

*originally published on A Mom’s Handbook. com
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