What’s Shy Reading? The Secret Garden

 I have finally closed a chapter in my life that has caused me grief since I was a small child! I finally finished a book I started SEVERAL years ago. Why this was such an accomplishment I have no idea, but here goes. My lovely mom purchased for me when I was a child the most beloved children’s’ classic The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. 

I attempted to read the treasure and could not work my way through the Yorkshire talk, so in frustration I decided that starting over might help me to better understand what the heck it was that I was reading. Sure enough I started over, and nope it did not do the trick, I was left with broken dreams and unfinished business. Life goes by fast and anytime I looked at the book I wanted to start it over, but I could not get past that frustrated feeling I held so near me of not being able to get into a book.

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