March Blog Madness

I am attempting a semi-normal day today, and I thought to myself what could be better than writing down some of our recent craziness!?

So what has been keeping me away from the blog? Well the answer is, A LOT! I seem to be able to write in surges so I hope this is the beginning of another beautiful surge of blog madness.

I am very pleased to announce that I recently took on a new business; obviously this has kept me quite busy as the learning curve has been intensely fun. I have been enjoying my time visiting with adults, selling, and learning about a very amazing product line. A great amount of the time I typically set aside for blogging has been confiscated by this new adventure.

Most recently our family has spend a month under the weather, with the children taking turns, and for some reason I have stretched the whole month. We are at present taking time off of our busy schedules to recuperate with rest and nutrition.  Hubby was my hero yesterday and took the day off to help take care of kids as I tried to nurse my lungs back to some sort of functioning state. Today he returns to work, exhausted and telling me he has no idea how I do “this” everyday. The poor guy who prior was able to stave of disaster seems to also be coming down with the crud.

Our first capture raised guppy babies, and our guppy orphan have all raised maturity in size enough to be “released” back into our main tank, as the newest batch of fry have been moved into the “baby” tank. We have been looking for a few of our family and friends to take some of the guppies into their own tanks, but until that happens we have a very busy tank which the kids and I enjoy watching as we eat our meals.

Our youngest decided last month that she no longer wished to wear diapers, and is now potty trained. It was an interesting first few days as she tried to learn the art and you could see both excitement and a bit of fear in her sweet little face. Her getting the flu certainly adds thrill to her new talent.  As you may be able to predict however that means I need to finish off a chapter of my blog and update to new excitement.

As you may have read in previous posts I generally am more of a fall cleaner than one to get excited about spring cleaning, but with the bugs going around and the very early spring we are experiencing, it seems that this is my year of spring cleaning.  I felt quite overwhelmed with stuff recently and decided it was also time to start purging our home of clutter, this has made or lives much easier, but I am not quite done yet!! I started by making a challenge to myself of getting rid of something each time I went into a room to clean something, I eventually got past the games and got to business and went like a whirlwind. The liberation of getting rid of some of those things really fueled the fire to go ahead and minimize as much as I could.

Pumpkin had some testing done after his Christmas ER trip fiasco, and we now have a more complex diet which seems to pose a greater challenge to our immediate family and an even greater challenge to our family and friends around us. We are adjusting as much as we can, and are learning new tricks as we go. We now have found ourselves replacing eggs in our diet as well as milk and wheat.

Our home schooling fun has continued to get more exciting as Pumpkin is starting to read, and recently read his first book, all by himself. The accomplishment has added fuel to his fire and seems to have made teaching much easier. Sweet Pea is suffering greatly with her flu bug, but she seems quite excited to get back to her school work, she begged to me start her with some paperwork recently so she has been learning a few letters also. It is so much!

The warmer weather, although I know there must be more snow coming, has also put me in the garden amendment mood. I have been slowly working up more compost goodies, and actually got to go dig in the dirt this afternoon. Although I really don’t enjoy the task of turning the dirt over in the garden I am honestly looking forward to the labor and those sweet crisp smells of spring.

I have been playing with a Facebook app lately that seems right up my eclectic ally, I will be posting a link soon to share my craziness with you all very soon!

Farewell for Now

Thanks for Stopping By
~Shy Willow

*originally published on A Mom’s Handbook. com

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Shy Willow

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