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I have read a good deal on some of the benefits of using vinegar for a crazy multitude of things around your home. I ran out of fabric softener last week so naturally I grabbed my big ole jug of vinegar and I was off to the races. Our family has the joy have having several different skin sensitivities, so the fabric softener that we use is special ordered, and therefore I couldn’t very well run to the grocery store and replace it. I ran the first load through the lovely machines, and of course I was thrilled, the next load was a complete train wreck, so much so that I was willing to throw out the vinegar and go and play a terrible game of Russian-softener! However, my imagination got the best of me when it reminded me of the rash Pumpkin had the last time I changed softeners, so I ran to the internet instead and started researching vinegar and static!

For awhile I came across the same basic things, then finally I found the article I had dreamed was available! Andrea at Simple Organized Living did all the hard work and put to test an effective way of using vinegar to soften clothing, as well as reducing static cling. I have adopted her method and have to say I am one satisfied customer!!! The icing on the cake is that the change in laundry supplies has not evoked weird itchy rashes or any other uncomfortable reaction for my family. Also, safety pins, which is the solution to the cling algebraic problem, where already part of our home inventory so not only was it a free fix, but a money saving solution because I no longer need to purchase and ship fabric softener!

I am excited to announce the results of this research have gladly been added to my frugal page!!!

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