I have apparently been so busy that I have not even managed to sit down and do one of my favorite things! Our last few weeks have been even crazier than the few before, which of course I never would have guessed to be possible.

Our largest guppy mama was very ready to drop her fry so we put her in the breeder box, and my niece says look there is a baby. I smiled and said they will be here soon. I had been changing the water in the tank and stirred things up a bit, I looked again, and sure enough she was right. Hiding between the wall of the tank and the breeder box was one little guppy fry seemingly visiting with “Big Guppy Mama.” We captured the little guy and put him in the breeder tank to protect him from the larger fish who I am sure would find him a lovely afternoon snack.

 As we were getting ready to leave for the weekend, I was walking between rooms and decided to check on our fat mama, and feed them all one last time, and much to my surprise there was not just one preggo guppy mama and a little orphan fry!  After several attempts to have guppy fry born in a breeder box we were finally successful. We are now the proud parents of 25 little Frys! It has certainly been a fun project for the kids to watch the baby fish grow, and feeding time is extra fun. Even Tater Tot goes to the tank, says “Babies!” looks up and pretends to be feeding them. My lesson in the whole thing was that I had been trying too hard to help something along that would happen naturally anyways!

Then end of November brought my birthday celebration. We also ended up replacing our Yukon with a truck, which has been a new adventure. Hubby is very fond of having a truck again, and the transition wasn’t that bad for Pumpkin whom dreads change. We typically have to help him cope with our decisions for several weeks after they take place, but he seems to approve enough to cope well enough this time! We were able to spend Turkey Day with my family and then travel shortly afterwards and spend time with Hubby’s family. The trip out of town was nice, and we were able to enjoy the company of Hubby’s sister which has been a rare delight in the past several years.

The early part of December brought birthday celebrations for our Pumpkin, and Sweet Pea. They had fun, got doted on a bit too much, ate lots of cake, and started the holiday season of gifts and sweets early as usual!  

So far the rest of December has brought both good and bad, stress, tears, and joy. We have had several challenges and changes come up the past couple of weeks that I will be writing about soon! Best not to overwhelm anyone, not to mention I need to get back to being productive I have several things to accomplish in a short amount of time, and my quality time with my computer is not getting those things started for me!

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