Move Over Stephen King!!

I am most fortunate to have a husband who at times knows me better than I know me. Typically when I get in over my head with something Hubby knows exactly what to say to get me back on track. Times do arise when I am looking for more comfort than a logical answer, however his logic diffuses my need for comfort faster, in those situations, than I am willing to admit.

I woke quite early this morning in an emotional upset that was accompanied by tears and I was not able to get myself back into a comfortable sleep. Since I had been pregnant with Pumpkin I have also been dealing with weird and sporadic nightmares.  I can especially associate a specific dream to each pregnancy. Although I am not expecting I am sure this dream will be carried with me for quite some time.

While later sending Hubby of to work I told him about my evening’s pleasantry.  Pumpkin was asleep on the couch so I quickly moved him to my room as soon as Hubby had left. Punkin (as I pronounce it) asked me if I was ok, and I told him I had had a bad dream and just wanted him to sleep comfortably. He said, “it’s ok mom I had a bad dream too a dragon was chasing me and right before I hid, he caught me”. Wow, that explains why he was asleep on the couch!

Once we were all up and roving around the house we left for coffee and breakfast, dressed in pj’s of course! We were on a mission to deliver dad a nice warm breakfast. Once we got to the shop where he works, he could tell I was still a bit shook up and he decided it was time to impart some logic. I told him I could probably write a horror book about last night’s dream; he agreed and even said something to the effect of “move over King”.  He did remind me though that the “box in the basement” sounded something like the closet he had told me about in a recent news article (which turned out to be a hoax). He also suggested that he may not tell me the news anymore, and that the haunted house this evening is a big no-no (which I had no desire to go to anyways)!

So are you dying to hear that dream? I will give you a brief over-view, just in case there would be an upcoming book deal. J

We had just moved into a new home, complete with none other than an unfinished basement. We had lived there long enough to have everything pretty well established and routine. We had noticed there was an uncomfortable smell in the basement but we figured it couldn’t be too big of a deal because we had completed an inspection of the house prior to purchasing. The kids and I were going about our regular business when Hubby came up the stairs and said that there was someone living in the basement in the weird wood box thing. I have no idea how this person was getting in or out, or if they had access to the inside of our home… freak out moment! Hubby went back down to offer this poor gentleman help, a ride to the shelter, or anything, and he said no! The creepy guy said, you will get me these things by this time, because I have your son in here with me. Sure enough Pumpkin was trapped in the box. We were informed that calling the police would be bad news for our son and that this man knew our routine anything different would also be detrimental. Of course we got his list, developed a plan to wait it out until he released Pumpkin and cried a lot.

During the time that Hubby went to deliver the goods at the bottom of the stairs our son made his way up. He was pale, dirty, scared, and exhausted and fell limp in my arms telling me he was to lie on these “crumbly chunk things for a long time”. We all met at the car, bags packed, and went directly to the police.

The rest may truly be too terrible for me to write at present, but I will conclude with a cadaver dog really liking my son. We learned about the access this man had to the house and why he chose not to leave!

I don’t know now that I could ever live in a cute little yellow house with a lovely white wooden porch, and an unfinished basement!! No I will not be visiting any haunted house, nor partaking in much of the usually Halloween festivities, it seems I need little encouragement to ruin a perfectly good nights sleep!

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*originally published on A Mom’s Handbook. com

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