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Monday, August 22, 2011

Baltic Amber Review and Give-Away

My girlfriend tipped-me-off on Baltic Amber Jewelry sold by Inspired by Finn, about the time we had a tiny newborn in the house again. Of course I was interested in soothing her teething pain without having to use chemicals, especially with all of the information available on the downfalls of giving pain medication to little ones. To top it all off I was having chronic headaches and was more than willing to try the Amber to see if it would help.

I quickly ordered Tater Tot a new pretty little multi-colored patterned necklace, of course Pumpkin and Sweet Pea would not settle on anything less than picking their new necklace out by themselves. Pumpkin picked a lovely unpolished molasses necklace, and Sweet Pea chose a beautiful polished honey necklace. The short amount of time it took to receive our jewelry was made to feel like an eternity when faced with two preschoolers in the house who lack no memory skills. I too was anxious to receive my multi-colored chip nursing necklace, after-all it was very pretty!

At first I was a little skeptical on the effects of the Baltic amber on my kids. They enjoyed wearing their new accessories, and so did I. Having spent several years teaching my children to put nothing around their necks, this was all too fun for them, I am still cautious however. They know that their jewelry comes off at nap and bed times, and I remove the baby’s necklace and wrap it around her ankle while she slept. The last time I perused IBF’s website I noticed I could have purchased my Tater an anklet that would have made the job much easier… perhaps I still may (maybe today)!
It was not until recently though that I saw the effects of the amber; having gotten lazy about putting the kids necklaces on we were struggling with a teething baby who was really in a great deal of pain. Then it hit me, I bought a teething necklace, my baby is teething, maybe I should try it!
The evidence came from the mouth of my brother’s girlfriend, I mentioned she had on her pretty teething necklace and she said, “it must work she’s pretty happy”! Thinking back now Husband has not threatened to relieve her pain with pain medicine since before the teething necklace was put back to work. I have not had a crying baby chasing me through the house, nor have we had to fight to get her comfortable enough to be coaxed to sleep since she started wearing her necklace again.  The hard shiny facts of the case are the three mega teeth that are working their way down through her red swollen gums as we speak, they have not quite surfaced yet, but most mom’s would agree three at a time usually creates a pretty cranky babe!

I feel an honest disclaimer is due; Tater tot has not developed a halo, nor has she become invincible, she is still a wild and crazy, sibling teasing, toy chucking, sometimes over stimulated, picky eater baby whom on occasion refuses to nap. Did I mention she is also cute and adorable?
As for my own headaches… well that is a different story.  I wore my necklace and did find it lessened my pain. I sought out the source of that pain and am feeling much better now, I do find my everyday headaches are much fewer and farer in-between when I wear my nursing necklace. Of course Tater loves to pull on my necklace, and hold it in her fingers during that moment she slows enough to be held; which by itself puts a smile on my face.
Would I recommend Baltic Amber? Yes, I already have, and will continue to recommend Baltic Amber jewelry. Perhaps not everyone will share my experience, perhaps others will see more dramatic results, either way I am pleased with our results and have no problem hoping the same for any other family suffering with their babes through that lovely teething time in their lives. I believe my next trial will be Inspired by Finn’s  reflux necklaces.

I always welcome your personal experience, so feel free to leave a comment or your questions.

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