Tater Tot just turned one this past week. I always celebrate birthdays with a good happy cry and this one was no different. I think back to that special moment when I got to see our child for the first time and I find myself overwhelmed with emotion. The only way to cure this flooding of emotion of course is a hug from the child who started the tear-flood to start with. I was lucky this year because she didn’t mind a good cuddle.

Tater has learned a new word and adds different vowel sounds with it to see just how she likes it best; “ee-yuck, a-yuck, ah-yuck, uck”. It is all too cute and her favorite version is the ee-yuck, not only does she have the word down fairly well but she seems to understand different settings where it is used pretty often. I was moving laundry through the house from its various deposited locations with a Tater Tot tailing me when in our bathroom I hear “EE-yuck”! Then it dawned on me where her new favorite word came from.

There comes a time in most every parents reign when you have to admit your child has explored something you’d rather them stay 30 feet from. We have had this experience more times that I care to admit; so there was Tater in a very serious tone telling the toilet “EE-Yuck”.  Just the day before our precious Chucky Potato felt the overpowering urge to explore (with her sisters shirt) the toilet bowl, then emerged a new word to her vocabulary as well as a good hand washing, which to her seems the worst punishment a baby can endure. I do feel compelled however to announce that in the second meeting in the bathroom,  the “EE-Yuck” was left free of baby hands and no more shirts were baptized it it’s water so she was spared the dreaded hand washing (for now).

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