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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's Shy Reading? 1/2 Price Living

My cherished friend gifted me with a book that she chose for herself to read, which now of course has ended with a new book review! I was given ½ Price Living by Ellie Kay last Wednesday and am happy to say I enjoyed reading her book.

I enjoyed Mrs. Kay’s style of writing and was stimulated by “America’s Family Financial Expert’s” insights and form of teaching. I appreciated Kay’s matter-of-fact inclusion of her faith that made it apparent she was not ashamed or afraid of offending someone! The 168 page easy read was filled with hints, tips, and very useful resources and web addresses that I have already begun to research.

Kay did an excellent job relating to her readers by sharing information from her own experiences and explaining how her life situations have led her to becoming a mom, writer, business owner, and speaker. Reading a book by a mother was refreshing, and I found it very entertaining as well. Kay did an excellent job encouraging women to make the best of their present situation rather than jumping on the soap box and preaching at them.

I found Kay’s insight on shopping with coupons very informative and instructive. I appreciated that she was honest in the amount of time such a venture can take, and that she did not shy away from some of the other struggles a person could come in contact with. I also appreciated Kay’s use of factual numbers rather than over bloated adjectives to describe some of her own personal savings with her couponing routine.

Kay approached the topic of working from home with ease and gave many tips to investigating before you start a venture. I respected her cautioning rather than encouraging someone to head into deep water too fast. Kay included a list of topics to investigate before taking on a work from home venture. I do wish more authors would take her stance on the Stay At Home Mom position by encouraging mothers to make the best of it, pursue what they can, but to use caution. Too often books are written to brow beat a SAHM and then push them into earning an income without first weighing the risks and earning potential.

I feel like Kay had a lot of useful information for those wanting to make the transition from two incomes to one income. Having lived on one income for some time now, I can honestly say I still had a few things to learn, and remember from Kay’s experience. Kay’s writing style was pleasant and I enjoyed her comical way of sharing information.

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~Shy Willow
*originally published on A Mom's Handbook. com

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