Daily Garble 7/27/11

It’s finished! OK truth is I have only been working on it for a few days, but this is Sweet Pea’s purse replacement. She had an unfortunate accident with a flavorful chap stick coating the inside of her pretty little pink camo purse. Not too often does a project actually come out pretty close to how I imagined it! It was a lot of fun to build and I am seeing a matching hat in the very near future.

The Sweet Pea Purse

I have been a crocheter for quite a few years now, and only the last decade or so have I started to work more than granny squares and scarfs. I have been enjoying learning a new stitch as often as I can find one, and building new things. Recently I have created my own pattern for a cute baby hat and booties. I hope to market those one day… who knows I may have to add bags to that list also!

Alright, well onto more garble. I am quite amazed at how quickly July is passing. I am sad because I know for our area I only have one more month of summer left. Rarely do we get a real autumn season it takes very little time to go from the frying pan into the deep freeze so to say. Fall soccer is coming up soon and Pumpkin is very excited to get out there and run, he actually likes the running more than the game.

I just whipped up a yummy batch of diaper wipe solution and had to laugh at myself as I threw it together as fast as I could. When I first started making wipe wash I was very careful to follow the instructions to the very letter, however after making this solution for so long I have developed my own method.

We have corn that is good and healthy looking. The stalks are thick and they seem to be putting on a good deal of height each day. We have only two small rows but Pumpkin is all to excited to eat corn this fall, he checks it out of his bedroom window every couple of days. Sweet Pea is more interested in her rose bush that we put in this year, she loves to make sure it gets enough water. Tater Tot is quite taken by grass and how it feels when she thrashes her legs back and forth in it, it is also very fun to walk in and throw. I look forward to finding out what interests her in the back yard as the years progress!

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