Daily Garble 7/19/11

July 19, 2011

I have indeed been gone for far too long! All I can say is “Whew!” We have been blessed with company and many family outings fishing, camping, and of course sun burning! The good news is we still have a few weeks of summer left… I am going to be exhausted!!  

The docket for this summer has listed yard improvement which we seem to be making steady headway on, family improvement which we are doing well on also, and of course working on building materials and lessons for this year’s exciting home school adventure! The hot spell we are experiencing now is certainly making my poor miniature plants writhe and wither in discomfort. Our make-grass-grow-in-the-backyard project is well underway and is doing well despite the water restrictions that are crashing our party of grand ideas!

Every day I hear and see more on our countries financial negotiations and every day I am greatly disappointed and encouraged. My disappointment of course stems from those who are unwilling to be a little bit uncomfortable to save the future of our nation. On the other hand I am encouraged by those willing to stand again vicious beasts to do what is right! There is enough mud being thrown around now that I have little desire to add to the mess, though I am looking forward to a lasting resolve on our situation.

Adding to my extended leave-of-blog was a job offer graciously given to my darling hubby to transfer to another branch of the company where he is currently employed. The offer has consumed much of our time weighing the options, although we are waiting more information we have decided it was time to get back to life, and just wait. I am not the type to “just wait” I like to have a plan to set into motion to guide my decisions, and to attack like a ravenous lion. Instead however we are living a limbo now, awaiting our fate like a deer in the headlights. Opting to have faith that things will work their way out, we are boldly stepping out having fun and trying to ignore the tightrope under foot.

Well toodles for now I am off to the circus tent to sort some more laundry and pack for our next exciting sunburn, I mean, fishing extravaganza!  

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