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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Great Weed-Eater War

June 9, 2011
Remember that recent German e-coli outbreak that the United States did not need to worry their pretty little stomachs about? It’s here! E-coli found to be the cause of several sicknesses has now been labeled an outbreak in certain parts of the US. Hey and just in case you needed one more reason not to don that little polka-dot bikini one of the strains of e-coli has been found in certain swimming pools! All funning aside, I have a family member who suffered terrors of e-coli, and in all seriousness it is a blessing she is still with us today. I saw some of the after math of her suffering and I would not wish that on anyone!
On the happier side of things, we have strawberries in the ground finally, and they are producing cute little green baby strawberries as I type. My darling husband tore into the garden earth last night with a rotor tiller and we expect to be planting our house born seedlings soon. After a near fatal run in with a weed eater I decided the flowers in our flower bed were no longer safe. My friend’s wonderful son did our lawn care for us with we were away and had a hard time determining the difference from our lawn and our flower bed. I decided it was time remove the grass from the beds and spruce them up a bit, perhaps if they looked like they contained something besides grass and weeds the great weed-eater war could have been avoided. On the bright side, all of the flowers are recovering just fine; they are flourishing in their new found attentions, mulch, and fresh weeding and watering!! I am always amazed how glorious things often follow tragedy.

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~Shy Willow
*originally published on A Mom's Handbook. com

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