What’s Shy Reading? Tears Finale

Alright, I finally finished Tears in The Darkness.  I took a good long break for Easter, the following weekend we had company in our home, and of course this last weekend we celebrated Mother’s Day by being entirely too busy!  The last post I wrote I was just past half finished and was in the heat of the book, now I come with completed text, and have to say an ending that brought some tears to my dry allergy ridden eyes.
Not being one that wants to take an ending away from someone’s own enjoyment I can say it was a good fit to the book! I appreciated the history lesson and enjoyed how the authors brought their reading audience from prior to WWII to present day. What an amazing reminder that tragedy is not that far gone in our world’s past.  I was relieved, saddened, nervous, and angry in the end of the book as I moved through the emotions presented as troubles were being resolved.  As I mentioned in my previous post this is not a book to haphazardly hand over to an immature child, however I still feel it would be a great addition to World War Two period studies. Tears in the Darkness presents facts written into their main story that support many sides of the war aimed most specifically at the United States and Japan. Several occasions came up during my reading that seemed to want to injure my American pride by jabbing at the integrity of our military system.  I am proud to say that it encouraged my pride by readily reminding me of the countless men and woman that sacrificed to keep America’s dream of freedom a reality.  
I was taught in school how terrible WWII was, I participated in an annual Commemorative Death March, and yet this book still managed to open my eyes much farther. A gentleman several years ago told me that what we read today shapes who we are in the future. I know that this book has altered the way I think about many different subjects regarding our country’s many different systems, in that regard I believe this book has made an impact on who I am today and will likely shape part of my future.

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