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For those Celebrating the occasion… according to my calendar today is Ash Wednesday.
For those who thought that there was nothing special about March 11.

For those who have not been completely saturated with the horrors of Japan here are a couple links I ran across that will help shed some light on their terrible situation.  The Earthquake with an 8.8 magnitude and the tsunami that followed created massive damage. These pictures by DailyMail really give an up close look at the destruction Japan has undergone.

A bit of news on the happier side of things Former President George Bush gave his Public Service Award!

Happy March 15th.

Some pretty interesting thing in history happened today for sure, including the birth of one of our US presidents! Alright here is another link just in case you can’t get enough of March 15th.

How did you do with the time change this past weekend? We were lucky to be traveling so the change really was not felt that much. We had late nights and several hours in our vehicle so when we returned home it was like the time change never happened. I highly recommend this method for coping with a time change!!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

This article has an interesting wrap of St. Patty’s Day! Enjoy your day of Green just being Green!! Do you need a kid’s craft for the Green Holiday? I thought this craft site had a pretty cute idea, we may be trying it out today!

Who Doesn’t need an interesting children’s book about St. Patrick’s Day?

Other interesting things that happen on March 17th.


In Remembrance

March 18

CBS News wrote an update to the Japan crisis. Although I am well aware that this is a terrible tragedy, at moments I can’t help but to think how much this situation reminds me of an end-of-civilization movie. I am certain there are many emotions in Japan, including my surreal bubble. We do not watch television in our house, for a multitude of reasons, so when I catch videos and pictures in my searching and other various places, I am still completely amazed at the damage that was done. Today as I was sitting in the waiting room of our local hospital I watched a brief clip of families digging through rubble, through the piles that were once their homes, and digging mud away from their homes in search of various things. There were several inches of mud being removed just to find their streets.


March 28, 2011 Celebrating the Commemorative Bataan Memorial Death March.

Want to see some photos of this years event?

What is it? Great so now you want to know what the Death March was? Just a warning this may not be suited for the weak at heart.
There are a couple of documentaries available also, for those who would like to know more.

I had the amazing privilege of being able to participate in the White Sands Commemorative March  a bit over 10 years ago. I can say with no exaggeration that the history, the training, and the amazing emotion felt before the March remembering those who suffered, as well as the event itself, completely altered  my life. Finishing the March gave me a sense of accomplishment that often reminds me what a human has the ability to do despite opposition. You could say with my physical condition at the time it was not an overly wise thing for me to attempt, but I can say it helped me to defeat a life long stumbling block, and also gain a very healthy respect for our history, and sacrifices of those before us.


March 30

Hey nothing like a new discovery to make a day exciting! It always suprises me some of the reactions people have to the new. Of course it is always more exciting when it happens to be about a subject some view as sensitive in the first place!

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